Marketing Planning and Corporate Innovation

The Marketing Plan is essential forthe operation of any company and the effective and profitable marketing of any product or service, also within the company itself.

To try that a company triumphs without using a Marketing Plan is like trying to navigateinastormy sea without maritime letter or clear destination, and under theattack of the enemy torpedoes.

The Marketing Plan provides a clear vision of the final objective and what you want to achieve on the way to it.

It allows you to calculate how much you will invest to cover each stage and the resources in money, time and effort necessary to do it. Without a Marketing Plan, you do not even know if youhave reachedyour goals.

ABC MARKETING has improved its position and contributed to the growth of its clients; creating, improving, restructuring or innovating the corporate image.

Sales and Communication Strategies

The purpose of this tool is increase the understanding and comprehension that the consumers have of the company or of the service or the product that it offers.

Evaluation of Client Marketing Strategies and Tools.

The control and evaluation of the strategy consists in measuring the impact that the planned actions have had.

Design of Marketing Budgets.

In ABC MARKETING, we don’t only design and execute Marketing Plans but we also preparethe Budget of said plan, that must be evaluated,approved or rejected by the board of directors or the respective management.

Design and organization of marketing areas. Organization chart and functions.

Once the market in which the activity is developed is known, the next step is the creation and consolidation of a marketing development in which its different functions are broken down and interrelated areas are created, each one with specific activities and aimed at achieving a previously determined objective.

IN HOUSE Training

In-house training refers to initiatives whose objective is to develop certain competences in a group of people belonging to the same organization. It constitutes an effective solution to face the strategic challenges of a company.

Design and Renewal of CORPORATE IMAGE.

The corporate image and the logo design of a brand always have to be constantly changing. There are several reasonstoupdatea logo design.


The aerostatic advertising is a promotional tool the first order.

WEB Portals Design. E-comerce.

The e-comerce is a development of the web design that goes beyond the sale of products, the differentpossibilities that the technology offers can enhance this type of web portals so that the user obtainssuperior benefits to the acquisition of goods or services.

International Marketing Assessment.

MARKETING INTERNATIONAL: or “External Marketing”, is defined as that process carried out by the businessmen with the purpose of driving the goods or services that produce the international market.

Benefits and advantages of working with ABC Marketing

ABC MARKETING provides and supply quality information quickly, based on a personalized relationshipwith the client.

For us the delivery time of results is paramount, our winning equation is: More quality and efficiency = less investment and time.

Our differentiation is to provide profitability in favor of customers and to enhance always our productivity.
The equality of information depends a lot on the equality of the personnel, for this reason the training and the “feedback” is very important for us.
  • Competitive Economic Proposals
  • Technical Proposals tailored to the needs of customers.
  • Professionals trained in universities abroad and the best institutions in the country.
  • Experience in marketing and market research in important companies and institutions in the country.
  • Process control and execution of studies in constant coordination with the client.
  • Modality of our services OUT SOURCING – IN HOUSE.
  • National coverage: Lima, Cajamarca, Ayacucho, Trujillo, Piura, Huancayo, Huaráz, Cusco, Iquitos, Arequipa and other cities of the country.
  • International coverage: All the countries of Latin America and the United States.
  • Equipped and adequate facilities.
  • Technology: Managementof statistical, mathematical and economical programs. Networks. Internet.
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