Political and Government Marketing Research

We advise politicians of all levels,not only in the planning of political campaigns, but guiding them through market research for sound decision making.

We advise on their performanceas candidates and later as authorities, where the challenge is extremely greater: keeping optimal levels of approval in the management.

ABC MARKETING, has conducted surveys, studies and tracking the Peruvian political market national level. It is strengthened by establishing a strategic alliance with the American company BENDIXEN & AMANDI International, an organization with a lot of experience and worldwide prestige that guarantees our work and an optimal result for our clients. Alliance that has allowed us to study other markets in different countries of Latin America.
Sectors worked

Studies of Perception and Position of Institutional Image.

We refer to the perception that users and consumers have in the mind of a brand. This will depend not only on the perceived image (how they see us from outside), but also on the real image (our perspective from within the institution) and the desired one.

Study inside the institution: Organizational Climate.Identification and integration.

Organizational climate is a series of properties of the work environment, considering the interactions of personal and organizational characteristicsthat in some way intervene with the behavior of people within an organization.

Study to Users and Non-Users.

User study is a study to analyze the value of the services provided to its users and to know expectations. To evaluate the services offered and the degree of satisfaction of users in relation to them.

Social Situation Study.

It allows to know, during the last year, which are the social and environmental problems that affect the population and generate public opinion in the areas of: poverty, environmental sustainability, education and health.

Psychographic profiles.

Psychographic segmentation uses social, subjective and symbolic variables dividing consumers into internally homogeneous and heterogeneous groups with respect to other groups.

Studies of Opinion and Public Perception in electoral campaigns.

Electoral drills. Intention to vote for candidates, reasons. Knowledge and strengths of the main candidates for the electoral campaign. Image of the main candidates. Reason for not voting for candidate.

Evaluation of Campaigns and Political Candidates.

Loyalty, habits and segmentation. Once the campaign has begun, the conduct of "follow-up surveys" and focus groups allow us to measure the evolution of the campaign, its successes and obstacles and the effectiveness of its messages.


The projection is a forecast of various economic variables that start from a macroeconomic analysis based on the statistical information of the real sector, fiscal, balance of payments and international.

Benefits and advantages of working with ABC Marketing

ABC MARKETING provides and supply quality information quickly, based on a personalized relationshipwith the client.

For us the delivery time of results is paramount, our winning equation is: More quality and efficiency = less investment and time.

Our differentiation is to provide profitability in favor of customers and to enhance always our productivity.
The equality of information depends a lot on the equality of the personnel, for this reason the training and the “feedback” is very important for us.
  • Competitive Economic Proposals.
  • Technical Proposals tailored to the needs of customers.
  • Professionals trained in universities abroad and the best institutions in the country.
  • Experience in marketing and market research in important companies and institutions in the country.
  • Process control and execution of studies in constant coordination with the client.
  • Modality of our services OUT SOURCING – IN HOUSE.
  • National coverage: Lima, Cajamarca, Ayacucho, Trujillo, Piura, Huancayo, Huaráz, Cusco, Iquitos, Arequipa and other cities of the country.
  • International coverage: All the countries of Latin America and the United States.
  • Equipped and adequate facilities.
  • Technology: Managementof statistical, mathematical and economical programs.
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