SIM: Integral Solution in Marketing

We provide an Integral Solution according to the business needs of our clients. We advise you on everything that involves MARKETING ACTIONS.

Business Marketing

The Marketing representatives of the companies must make a large number of decisions, both strategic and tactical. The well-informed decisions must not be based only on instinct, intuition or common sense, but they must be based on information; and the costs are huge that lead to wrong decision making.

Political and Government Marketing

ABC MARKETING, has advised politicians of all levels, not only in the planning of political campaigns, but guiding them through market research for sound decision making; in their acting as candidates and later as authorities; where the challenge is extremely greater: keeping optimal levels of approval in public management.

Social Marketing

The information we offer allows us to makeright decisionsin light of crisis situations and social conflicts that currently the extractive companies of non-renewable resources are facing. In ABC MARKETING,we design, evaluate and/or execute strategies, based onharmonious and positive relations, between companies, organizations and/or institutions with social environments, under the premise of a sustainable development and corporate or institutional social responsibility.

Marketing Planning and Corporate Innovation

The Marketing Plan is essential forthe operation of any company and the effective and profitable marketing of any product or service, also within the company itself. To try that a company triumphs without using a Marketing Plan is like trying to navigateinastormy sea without maritime letter or clear destination, and under theattack of the enemy torpedoes.

Investigations of Online Markets

After making a large investment in technology, ABC Marketing is able to program and host all types of online studies, from complex projects to multi-countries studies. Our team is capableof executingreally demanding studies required by any type of organization.


Terceriza con nosotros tus servicios de Investigación de Mercados y Marketing. Todas las Gerencias de Marketing e Investigación de Mercados cuentan con sus propios planteamientos de objetivos y planes operativos, ABC Marketing les brinda la opción de brindarles todo el soporte.

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