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  • Heads Qualitative Studies
  • Moderators.
  • Recruiters.
  • Psychologists. Management of the Organizational Climate.
  • Heads of Quantitative Studies.
  • Field Coordinators and Supervisors.
  • Pollsters.
  • Field Interviewers.
  • Tabulators.
  • Statisticians. Analysts.
  • Practitioners.

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  • Wage claim. Basic and % Commissions (Only in the case of the commercial area).


Achieving success involves following certain principles such as "never give up," "be passionate," and "stay focused. This is how Donald Trump describes it in his Blog. But this renowned businessman, shares 10 rules that according to his experience guarantee success when doing business and make a lot of money. In his own words, Donald Trump mentions that he likes to think big, if you have to think something anyway, it's better to think big. And thinking BIG starts with:
  • Be Conscientious. Don't count on chance to take you somewhere, because it won't do it.
  • Genera Momentum y mantenlo en movimiento. Hay que tener grandes ideas pero también la energía para que se realicen. Mantener tu momentum en movimiento es lo que se necesita para que las cosas se hagan.
  • Generate Momentum and keep it moving. You have to have great ideas but also the energy to make them happen. Keeping your momentum moving is what it takes to get things done. Stay focused. You have to stay focused long enough to get things done. As soon as you lose focus you also lose momentum. Both go together and you will accomplish much more, even amazing things, if you make sure you have these two forces working for you. Ask yourself this question. What should I be thinking right now? This simple question can restore your focus instantly. Get rid of the interference. In this time of multiple tasks, this is a good habit to form...
  • Look at the solution and not the problem. This is very important if you want to learn to think BIG. Whatever you do you will have problems from time to time. If you let problems get in your way they will become bigger than your idea and you will be defeated. Keep your focus on the SOLUTION. When I see a possible problem I ask myself: Is this an alert or a catastrophe? A catastrophe is an earthquake, a tsunami, a war, everything else is an alert, a lighthouse...
  • See the opportunity for what it is: OPPORTUNITY. Every day I ask myself: What can I learn today that I don't know? I learn something new every day. This is one of the main reasons for my success and the same applies to you. Take the time to see today as an opportunity. Open up to new ideas and soon you will be creating your own opportunities.
  • Learn as much as you can about what you are doing. Know what you're doing before you do it.
  • Be lucky. An old proverb says "the more work, the luckier I am" and it's absolutely true. But this goes along with something that is absolutely necessary for major success: BE APASSIONATE. You must love what you do if you want to succeed in it. My father told me something absolutely true: “Maybe I work 7 days a week, but it doesn't seem like work to me, because I love what I do”. If you don't like what you do, find something else to do or do it part-time until you can do it full time. You'll never be successful healthy and happy if you don't do something you love. If you feel frustrated there are two ways to look at the situation, frustration may mean you have too many expectations or it may be an indication that you know you could and should be doing more. Use frustration as a motivator. Use it to move on to where you want to be instead of staying where you don't want to be. But above all, be passionate. That's the fast track to success whatever your interests..
  • Go to yourself Victorious. That can nullify negativity immediately and give a positive spin to your problems. When I do business I keep my mind open to what might happen, but my attitude is that there is already an agreement reached. I have already thought the whole process to such an extent that I know that everything will be better if the other party accepts what I have defined because I have already taken into account both points of view. I enter the negotiation with a victorious attitude, and I have already had enough victories to know that this attitude works. Use it.
  • Be Smart. Being smart means you know how to use what you have. It doesn't mean you have nothing to learn, but you will have the ability to learn and advance successfully. SUCCESS IS VERY IMPORTANT, IT IS WHAT YOU WANT! Just be successful and believe me, you will be happier. I know people who found a way to use what they had instead of staying in what they didn't have and became gigantic successes. I am convinced that everyone has something valuable to offer and if you diligently apply yourself to it, you will find that you have what it takes to succeed and you will be much happier for it.
  • Above all, NEVER GIVE UP. Never, never, never, never give up. The only time you will be a failure is if you stop trying. Only losers give up. The biggest losers are those who give up. Winners move on. So whatever you do, never give up. My father always said "Never give up son, never give up, never give up. I never want to see you give up or give up," and remember, think big. FOLLOW THESE TIPS.
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