Business Marketing Research

Market Research is a tool for obtaining information in the process of identifying and satisfying the needs of consumers, users or the general public.

the Marketing representatives of the companies must make a large number of decisions, both strategic and tactical.

The well-informed decisions must not be based only on instinct, intuition or common sense, but they must be based on information; and the costs are huge that lead to wrong decision making.
Sectors worked

Baseline Study..

The baseline is a detailed description of everything that exists in the area of influence of the project before it is developed, where it considers all the relevantattributes, its currentsituation and its possible evolution.

Investment Feasibility Study.

It is an instrument that serves to guide decision making in the evaluation of a project and it corresponds to the last phase of the pre-operative stage or of the formulation within the projectcycle.

Market Potential Study.

It is the total volume of sales that all companies that sell a product during a certain period can expect to sell in a certain market under ideal conditions.

Branding Study.

Branding. Tracking. Prices. Position. Distribution. Brand development, stationery, printed, outdoor, audiovisual, advertising booth, merchandising, website design, among other types of advertising.

Quality Study.

This study systematically evaluates costumer service levelsat points of sale, service centers and/or another service-care channel.

Observational Study.

This technique, as its name indicates, consists of observing and recording the facts or physical phenomena that occur in the everyday life, to analyze them and obtain conclusions about them.

Audit Study.

A marketing audit is a systematic and organized exam of all the aspects directly and indirectly related to themarketingactivities of an organization in order to determine the effectiveness and efficiencyof each of the components to achieve the objectives of the company.

Consumer Behavior Study.

It is that part of the behavior of people and the decisions that this implies when they are acquiringgoods or using services to satisfiestheir needs.

Regular Studies.

It refers to the action of gathering information through opinion questions made to a certain sector of the market.

Benefits and advantages of working with ABC Marketing

ABC MARKETING provides and supply quality information quickly, based on a personalized relationshipwith the client.

For us the delivery time of results is paramount, our winning equation is: More quality and efficiency = less investment and time.

Our differentiation is to provide profitability in favor of customers and to enhance always our productivity.
The equality of information depends a lot on the equality of the personnel, for this reason the training and the “feedback” is very important for us.
  • Competitive Economic Proposals
  • Technical Proposals tailored to the needs of customers.
  • Professionals trained in universities abroad and the best institutions in the country.
  • Experience in marketing and market research in important companies and institutions in the country.
  • Process control and execution of studies in constant coordination with the client.
  • Modality of our services OUT SOURCING – IN HOUSE.
  • National coverage: Lima, Cajamarca, Ayacucho, Trujillo, Piura, Huancayo, Huaráz, Cusco, Iquitos, Arequipa and other cities of the country.
  • International coverage: All the countries of Latin America and the United States.
  • Equipped and adequate facilities.
  • Technology: Managementof statistical, mathematical and economical programs. Networks. Internet.
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